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6/24/2024 3:27 PM
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A big Thank you to all the donors below!


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L.L.E. Internet Services Richard & Teresa Harris  
The Nashville Club Mary A Dinino  
The Wards - Doris Jaqueline K. Murray - Tasha  
Robert Britain - Cocopuff  LiPing - Tasha  
Niles & Kipper & Doris & Opal Sonya Velez - Tasha  
The Bensinger Family  Pat Gorman - Mitzi  
Paul Mount - Niles & Cocopuff & Diana & Andy, Tasha & Skeeter & Eddie Jennifer Pickens  
Broan-Nutone - Katy & Linus; and In Memory of Dandy and Bobby Jennifer Alston - Winston  
A donation was made to Doris in memory of Monkey Rosemary Hurley - Tasha  
Pet Barn, Inc. Deborah Coudriet - Tasha  
Elizabeth Malig Donald Bensinger, Sr.  
Marianne Erickson Elsie Mae Bensinger  
Irene Flanagan Shirley and Lelio Tartaglia  
Troy Meyers Christina Tartaglia and Charles Baur  
  Carol Terry and Amy Snyder  
  Russell, Lynn, Kim, & Laura Bensinger  
  Gino & Maria Tartaglia and family  
  Ethel Unger  
  Harriet Grimes - Tia and Nakita  
  Jane Defoe - Tasha  
  Tango and Niles - Doris  
  Loreen Evans - Doris  
  Christine Schutt - Elsa  

Willow Epstein - Doris

Tango and Niles - Elsa
Scott Durkee - Andy
Sharon Sweeney - Elsa
Sarah Gallagher - Maude
Dorothy Stacey to honor her beloved Tink who waits patiently at the Rainbow Bridge
Jaye Womack - Tasha
Jacqueline Murray - Gonzo
Penny Martin
Sandra Brown - Buffy
Pat Walker - Buffy
Nelly Mikhaiel - Buffy
Jaqueline K. Murray - Buffy
Sonya Velez - Buffy
John & Anita Ward
Josephine Van Valey - Cocopuff
Boni Clark - Ivy and Wilson
Eleanor Balson - Tasha
Mari & Gary Becker
Claudette Vitore - Mr. Ruggles
Mary Wetzel - Katy & Linus
Scott Foster - Petey and Belle
Christine Brounell - Roger
Dick Dickerson
Meredith Miner-Reese - Doris
Janice Roberts - Doris
Roxanne Ryan - Tasha & Skeeter
The James' - Roger
Sharon Larson - Doris
Scott, Rita and Reba (who is waiting at the bridge for us) Chamberlain - Andy
Tango and Niles Wagner - Roger
Lisa Hellman - Tasha
Althea Brandis - Doris & Roger
Kari Ann Walker - Doris
Jaye Womack - Tasha
Deb Darrock in memory of her beloved CoCo
Darlene Luinski for Gonzo
Kristi Gross for Gonzo
Carol Sherman
Julie Reale
Kathy Taft
Melissa Mendez for Gonzo
Kristie Webster
Dawn Carper
Paul Mount for Eddie
Melissa Mendez for Roger
Kristi Gross for Elsa and in the memory of Tasha
Sara McDonald for Dudder
Jacqueline Murray for Miles
Barbara McCarthy-Willems and Comfortable Critters Pet Store for Miles
Ming Hatch for Roger
Judy Pullen for Miles
Claudia Hearn
Rita Bauxbaum
Anita Ward
Vanessa Brown
Ellen Ross for Mark
Althea Brandis for Wally and Brownie
Judi Anderson
Sue Bickford for Brownie
In memory of Angel & India, in remembrance of Noel..for the Christensens from Anita B.
With love to Peanut & his family of 2 & 4-legged critters...The Christensens from Anita B.
Lee McCartney & John Christopher in remembrance of Angel, waiting at the Bridge
The Creech Family
In Honor of Pearl Lubrant
John and Anita Ward - for Jocoby
Roxanne Jollay - for Jocoby
Gary and Carrie Reiling - for Jocoby
Betsey Holmes - for Jocoby
Laura Zamos - for Jocoby
Mark and Rebecca Adams - in honor of Katherine
Roxanne Jollay - for Jocoby
Lynette Snell - for Jocoby
Otis in honor of Sue Yancey's pj's for Jocoby
Tamara and Kim Pinegar for Pinky
Mary Dinino-Emmerson and Ron Emmerson
Irene Flanagan
Tammy Pinegar for Pinky
Kim Pinegar for Pinky
Chinese Crested Crush
Roxanne Jollay on behalf of Irene Flanagan
Constance Bylsma in memory of Penny
Tim York In Loving Memory of Bandit & Les Dove
Connie B., in Loving Memory of Chester
Heidi & Blake Schamberger of K9Closet
Lisa Windflower in Memory of Bandit
Pat Bickerstaffe in Honor of the West Virginia Crestie Kids
Sherry Rand in Honor of the West Virginia Crestie Kids
Leslie Gould in Honor of the West Virginia Crestie Kids
Sophia, in honor of our friend Noah Hubbard
Judy Anderson
Sonya Rhea Abney in honor of Taffy, Sally, Bop, Nick, Tegan, and Tiera
Ashley A. in loving memory of Nappy Sue
Katherine Barnett for Pixie
Betty Wilson, In Loving Memory of Boo