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  These are suggestions we have heard from other owners regarding everyday issues encountered by many Chinese Cresteds but we in no way endorse these ideas as a replacement for qualified medical care from a Veterinarian.  Whenever you have questions about your Crested's care please consult with your Veterinarian.  


Baby wipes

Cut a roll of paper towels in half and put in a plastic container (that has a lid). We use a large plastic empty coffee container. Mix 4 cups boiling water, 4 TBSP coconut oil, and 2 TBSP of the medicated body wash prescribed by your dog's vet and pour the mixture over the paper towels after the coconut oil has dissolved in the water. Once the paper towels are soaked, you can pull the cardboard roll middle right out. The wipes then pull out of the middle just like baby wipes would. The blackheads just roll right off as you wipe him/her down! They also keep the skin clean and soft. It is something that you have to do really consistently but works! Also use these when you bathe him. Youdon't even have to use lotion after the bath since the coconut oil gives enough moisturizer.


2/3 yogurt to 1/3 honey, slather it all over the dog's skin, leave it on for 10 mins or as long as possible. It’s okay if the dog licks it. If the dog has sensitive skin the do a test spot on the sensitive area and see if the dog reacts to it.  Use a loofah to lightly scrub skin and rinse.


Bug Repellant:

Vetri-Repel, you can get a box of 20-30 of them from for about $8 - they are all natural bug repellent wipes similar to a wet wipe - they contain lemongrass, cedar, no pyrethrins or other dangerous chemicals at all (they smell like Lemon Pledge wipes). Quick wipe down all over and they're good to go and you can use them yourself.  Repels all biting insects including fleas, ticks & mosquitos. 


Seasonal Allergies:

Resi-Cort and Resi-Hist products, over the counter cortisone shampoo and lotion

Mix equal parts white vinegar and water, either spray the dog or wipe it on.


Poo Eating:

Add canned pineapple to food.

Sprinkle papaya in all the packs food ( capsules from health food store)


Fear of Thunderstorms, fireworks

Reconcile, made by Pfizer.  It is specifically for thunderstorms and seperation anxiety

Homeopets makes a product called TFLN (Thunderstorms, Loud Noises, Fireworks) that works really well - it is all natural. 


Xolo and Chinese Crested  Surgery Cautions



  • Xolos and Cresteds are sensitive to anesthetic, much like a Sight Hound.  They have low percentage of body fat in relation to muscle.  Anesthetics have stronger effects on them.  Go easy on pre-meds and use a quick-down, quick-up gas like isoflurocane or sevothane.


  • Xolos and Cresteds scald so caution with warming.  Hot water bottles, even covered, will scald.


  • Warm towels work best.  HEATING PADS OR HOT WATER BOTTLES CAN CAUSE SEVERE BURNS  on hairless dogs.  There is no hair to insulate them when they cannot move away from excessive heat source.


  • Xolos and Cresteds chill easily and have problems keeping body temp up.


  • Only paper tape can be used on hairless dogs.  Adhesive tape causes problems.  (Xolos sweat through their skin, hence reaction to tape.)


  • Some can't have Rymadyl - have kidney level reaction. 

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