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3/29/2024 10:51 PM
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The Crested Fundraising Store


pawprint magnet


Paw Print Crested Magnet 

Magnet is aprox 5 ½” X 5 ¼”. Price: $6.50, first class postage included, to addresses within the US.


 car magnet


Pupmobile Crested Magnet

Magnet is aprox 4 ¾” X 6 ¼”. Price: $6.50, first class postage included, to addresses within the US.





"I Love My Chinese Crested" car ribbon that we are now selling as a Crest-Care Inc. fundraiser. The magnet is approx. 4"x9" and is VERY special due to all of the dogs at the top of the ribbon being RESCUED Chinese Cresteds. The taller of the dogs is King Lucky Louie XV our famous literary star.
The magnets sell for $6.50. each (shipping included within the U.S., additional charge for shipping outside of the U.S.).

All paid orders will ship out weekly.   All proceeds from the sale will go directly toward helping our little kids in need. If you are interested in ordering a magnet(s), please e-mail Robin at and she will be happy to supply you with payment instructions. On behalf of our Chinese Crested rescues in need, and our members, We thank you for your support.





The pen features a full color photo of one of our former Crest-Care hairless kids, with our

organizations name and website address. Click top and black ink. . E-mail Robin

at for payment instructions.

Price: $6.50, first class postage included to addresses with the US.




We also have several members who make clothes and donate a portion of the proceeds back to Crest Care.  Here are links to their sales:


Becky jammies 1 becky shirts 2
  Becky jammies 3


There are every size between 10 and 18 and is happy to consider custom sizes for an additional fee.

Beth size 12  Beth size 15



Approx. 4" x 5" Car decals

Available in black or white. 
Need white on tinted windows...

$8 free shipping.  $2 to Crest care for each one sold.

Feel free to message me at to place an order.

car decal

The following are available on tshirt ( small - XL) or a tote bag
And in various color combinations. 
Glitter or non glitter decal.
Please email me your preference of colors
I will respond if it can be done.
Shirts come in basic colors
Totes available in black, white, natural and grey. Med. Tote Approx. 13.5 12.5 x 2.5.

Shirt or tote $25 each. (Shipping included)

Large tote 18x14x3. $30
2 XL and larger $30

20% of each sale to Crest Care

Feel free to message me at to place an order.

get 2gether

CC rescue

kissed a crested

normal until




 tote bag



 You can also donate directly to Crest Care with PayPal