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Posts advertising the selling of dogs, offers for breeding services, or rude and inappropriate language will be deleted.  Anything not having to do with Chinese Cresteds or dogs in general will be deleted.  This page is to post happy stories of Cresteds and questions about the care of Cresteds.  If you need to surrender a dog or know of a dog in need, please email

Message From: Debbie July 1, 2020
Hello. I live in Calabash North Carolina. My 13 and a half year old Chinese crested Powder Puff passed away September 25th 2018 and I am looking to rescue one of the same sort. Thank you for any assistance you are able to give. Have a good evening.

Message From: Katie May 25, 2017
We got to adopt Yoshi and Tango a little over a month ago THANK U THANK U THANK U CREST CARE AND DeAnn and Becky. We love these two. Beyond Words !!!!!

Message From: Falon Carter July 26, 2016
I LOVE Chinese Cresteds! They are without a doubt my favorite breed of dogs. My Prissy girl is almost 12 and My Presley boy was almost 11 and just recently passed away on 6.6.16 and he is so, so greatly missed that I wonder if there will ever be a day that I won't cry wishing he was still with us! My cresteds have been the perfect dogs for my family, I had them since puppies and raised them as my children, even though I do have one human child also ;). Cresteds are the most loving, loyal, hilarious breed of dogs I have ever came across! Constantly keeping you entertained!

Message From: Nakia May 25, 2015
Hello, I adopted Wonton in around June 2012. I love him soooo much and I am so grateful to Crested Care for bringing him into my life. Wonton was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and he is a trooper. I am so blessed to have him. Thank you all and keep doing what you are doing!!

Message From: Tracy and Wade November 13, 2014
We have the most fun with our 2 Cresteds. Jazzie also known previously as Lollipop when adopted in 2010 has fit right in with our family as Mozart's play mate. Everyday they make us smile. They are both so smart and loving.

Message From: Donald Bensinger December 9, 2013
I lost my beautiful Dante on Nov. 6, 2013 after 11 1/2 years together. Adopting him was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you so much for bringing him to me. He is very badly missed; he will always be in my heart.

Message From: Lisa M November 30, 2013
I just lost my beloved Shaggy...10 years old Crested... He had Hemangiosarcoma. Heart Cancer...from diagnosis to death...4 days. I am so heartbroken. I loved my boy...

Message From: mike corso November 14, 2013
I love my crested babies

Message From: Steven & Paula Kellerman August 3, 2013
Just want to say that we had 2 hairless girls and we lost our Darby 5/30/13 to kidney disease. So we feel we rescued 2 Chinese Crested girls from a breeder in Pike, NY. One of the girls is really sick with PSS and her sister has MVD of the liver. We love the breed and are doing whatever it takes to save their lives. We would like to help in your cause to save the breed. Thank you!

Message From: Justin & Cathy December 9, 2012
Christmas is right around the corner and my wife and I are considering to adopt for our family. The pup we are in love with is in our area and we were wondering if we could buy Spike a toy or puppy sweater as a Christmas gift. We also are wondering what all of the total fees of adoption are? Thank you and Happy Holidays!